What will your legacy be?

We all want to do something that really matters. Here’s one way you can.

Give someone down the road a real chance at a life in recovery. Our Legacy Society offers the unique opportunity to leave a truly life-affirming, life-transforming gift.

Joining the Legacy Society will ensure future generations of lawyers and judges will find the help and hope for recovery they will need during what most often proves to be the most desperate time in their lives. Members of the Legacy Society believe in the hope of real, lasting recovery because they have either lived it themselves or seen it firsthand in family members or friends. Legacy Society givers lay crucial groundwork for assisting lawyers and judges find help, enjoy sustained recovery and, ultimately, better serve the public.

Click here for more information about legacy giving. And please send us a message here to let us know we’re part of your plans — and know your gift will make a lasting impact. Once you advise us that we are part of your plans, we’ll add your name here.

Legacy Society Members

Steve Philo

“Just as I am concerned about my money while I am alive, I want my money to be used wisely when I am gone. I know I can entrust LAP Foundation of NC, Inc. to be good stewards and to use my money to pay for treatment for someone in dire need who cannot afford it. To say that recovery changed my life is an understatement. What better way to show my gratitude than to pay it forward to help the sick and suffering, so that they can also enjoy a life of recovery?”

“LAP had such a tremendous impact on my brother’s life, I couldn’t think of a better way to leave a legacy of hope behind than to offer other attorneys the opportunity to recover and thrive through the same help my brother received.”

“Finding myself entering the seventh decade of my life causes me to reflect on big questions, such as: What are the important things in life? What are the primary things I would like to accomplish in the time I have left on Earth? I experienced such relief and ultimately joy of getting help through LAP, and I want this legacy to live on for those in need who come after me.”

LAP encourages potential Legacy Society givers to speak with a financial advisor and estate attorney to determine their best options.

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